Eliza Shearer’s Austeniana series features crossover novels inspired by characters and events in Jane Austen’s novels. Starting very different young women finding their feet at a pivotal time in their lives, they are coming-of-age novels that bring some of Austen’s best loved secondary characters to the fore.

The Little Sisters Take Centre Stage

The first novel in the series, Miss Darcy’s Beaux, tells the story of timid Georgiana Darcy, Mr Darcy’s little sister in Pride and Prejudice. Still damaged by Wickham’s betrayal, Georgiana is dragged to London by the formidable and now childless Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who is determined that her niece will make a splendid match.

In Miss Price’s Decision the main character is spirited Susan Price, Fanny Price’s little sister in Mansfield Park. Susan is Lady Bertram’s companion, but unlike her sister Fanny, she is determined to see the world. When her aunt’s health means a trip to Bath, she is initially delighted, but soon realises that not everything is likely to go her way.

Miss Darcy’s Beaux is a Pride and Prejudice continuation featuring a crossover with Austen’s Persuasion and Mansfield Park, while Miss Price’s Decision is a Mansfield Park continuation with characters from Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice.

Austeniana is all about putting a spotlight on the little sisters of Austen’s main characters. Watch this space for further novels in the series!