7 things that Jane Austen’s novels teach us about servants and their masters

Jane Austen lived at a time where servants were numerous and pervasive. Most of her characters employ people to run their homes and tend to their needs, and footmen, housekeepers, maids, and manservants are a constant background presence in Austen’s novels. In some cases, Jane Austen mentions servants in passing, to add depth to her [...]


The accomplishments of young ladies in Jane Austen Novels

Today I'm delighted to announce a guest post at the wonderful blog My Jane Austen Book Club, run by Jane Austen enthusiast Maria Grazia. In my article, I look at the accomplishments that the daughters of the gentry were expected to have during the Regency, and, not unlike Mr Bingley, marvel at their skills and [...]

Mansfield Park, or Jane Austen’s distorting mirror show

Those following me on social media may have noticed my sudden interest in everything Mansfield Park, from the excellent audiobook version read by Karen Savage to the articles I have been posting on the novel and its characters. The fact is that I'm re-reading Mansfield Park while writing the follow-up to Miss Darcy's Beaux in [...]

Lost Love in Jane Austen

This article is part of Austen in August, a celebration of all things Austen.  Many believe that Jane Austen wrote romantic novels. Janeites, of course, know that Austen’s works are much more than that. Austen is a romantic, yes, but she’s also a social chronicler with a sharp eye for detail, a witty observer of [...]

Miss Darcy’s Beaux Review: A Tale Bringing Austen’s Worlds Together

Miss Darcy's Beaux has been reviewed by the tremendously enjoyable Silver Petticoat Review site and I am delighted to announce that it has been awarded a rating of four corsets and four hearts. The best bit of the review is the adaptation recommendation, which I have taken the liberty to reproduce below: The book’s story [...]

The Real Georgiana Darcy

The Janeite community was recently torn with the news that a new TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is in the works. It’s going to be a “dark” and “adult” interpretation of the novel, and I must admit I’m intrigued by the vision of the producers and what they intend to achieve. But, above all, [...]

Spinsterhood and Poverty in Jane Austen

Much has been said about the importance that finding the right husband has for Jane Austen's female characters. In her novels, young ladies often strive for the attention of suitable males of marriageable age. It is understood that all girls want to get married, and when they don't, it is because they haven't met the [...]