Spinsterhood and Poverty in Jane Austen

Much has been said about the importance that finding the right husband has for Jane Austen's female characters. In her novels, young ladies often strive for the attention of suitable males of marriageable age. It is understood that all girls want to get married, and when they don't, it is because they haven't met the [...]

7 statements that only Jane Austen fans will truly understand

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of spending all day with a bunch of committed Janeites in an event commemorating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, organised by the wonderful and hard-working team at Salon de Té de Jane Austen. Without a doubt, the highlight of the encounter was the possibility of talking about [...]

Sense and Sensibility, or How Jane Austen Found a Way into my Heart

The first Jane Austen novel I read was Sense and Sensibility. I knew little about the author or her oeuvre, but I was interested in English literature classics, and after Dickens, Swift and Stevenson, it felt like the natural next step. There was no conscous decision to pick Sense and Sensibility over Pride and Prejudice or Emma; [...]

How I Learned to Love Georgiana Darcy And Find Her Voice

I have been asked on occasion why I've made Georgiana Darcy the protagonist of Miss Darcy's Beaux. To some, she is an unremarkable character, a bit of a wallflower, bordering on dull, but I see her introversion as full of potential, in the tradition of many Austen heroines. In this guest blog post for the [...]

Jane Austen’s Female Characters and Their Settlements

The fate of many of Jane Austen's female characters, if not all, depents to a large extent on their dowries of settlements. Miss Darcy's Beaux, which follows Georgiana Darcy to London and sees her meet eligible gentlemen with a view to finding a suitable match, is no exception. I have written a blog post for [...]

Georgiana Darcy Character Interview: For Love of Austen

Today I am pleased to feature in the For Love of Austen blog with a Miss Darcy’s Beaux excerpt, character interview and giveaway. Here’s a taster of the interview, where I ask my protagonist, Georgiana Darcy, some poignant questions about how she sees her present at Pemberley and her immediate future in London, in the [...]