The Making of a Jeanite, my Austen Authors Debut

A few weeks ago I was invited to become a regular contributor by the wonderful Sharon Lathan and Regina Jeffers of Austen Authors, one of my go-to Janeite sites online. In my first post I explain how I became a Janeite. There is a giveaway too, which will close at midnigt EDST on May 17, [...]


Childlessness in Jane Austen

Jane Austen was a master at capturing the nuances of human relationships and emotions and cleverly intertwining them in a patchwork of feelings, desires, hopes and frustrations. She was a superb observer, but her novels also feed off her personal experiences. Much has been written about the proposals of marriage she declined and the men [...]

An Elinor and Marianne Friendship

Jane Austen’s stories and characters are universal. No wonder, then, that they have inspired a myriad of adaptations, some of them in settings that are a far cry from Regency England. Pride and Prejudice set in contemporary India? Check. Emma as the teenage queen bee of a Beverly Hills high school in the 1990s? Check. [...]

Jane Austen’s Lady Susan, a Treasure Trove of Sorts

I had a long list of books to read over the holidays, but I must admit that I was less diligent than I would have liked. In the end, I am ashamed to admit that I only got through half a volume, but what a volume it was. Mr Claus, who knows me very well, [...]

Siblings in Jane Austen’s novels: a Thanksgiving special

Every week I spend a minute of unbridled joy answering the quiz sent out by the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. It’s always challenging, even for seasoned Janeites, so I was delighted to get a full 10/10 on the last one. It was about families, and specifically siblings, in Jane Austen's novels. I had never [...]

Animals in Jane Austen’s novels

Jane Austen enjoyed writing about life in the countryside. In all of her novels give us generous glances of what rural life was like during the Regency beyond the usual pursuits of ladies and gentlemen of the gentry. Her books often brief the reader on the weather, the harvest and the seasons, and we also get [...]

7 things that Jane Austen’s novels teach us about servants and their masters

Jane Austen lived at a time where servants were numerous and pervasive. Most of her characters employ people to run their homes and tend to their needs, and footmen, housekeepers, maids, and manservants are a constant background presence in Austen’s novels. In some cases, Jane Austen mentions servants in passing, to add depth to her [...]