Georgiana Darcy Character Interview: For Love of Austen

Today I am pleased to feature in the For Love of Austen blog with a Miss Darcy’s Beaux excerpt, character interview and giveaway.

Here’s a taster of the interview, where I ask my protagonist, Georgiana Darcy, some poignant questions about how she sees her present at Pemberley and her immediate future in London, in the company of her aunt, the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

You can read the full interview here.

Miss Darcy is sitting across from me, her back straight, her hands gently folded in her lap. Although not a beauty in the conventional sense, she is, nevertheless, rather handsome, thanks to the regularity of her features and the freshness of her complexion. She looks remarkably composed, and her features are arranged in a sweet expression very becoming of a young woman of her age. You would say she is posing for a portrait, the kind of life-sized affairs that hang in the long rooms of stately homes. But I am not here today to observe her, but to interview her.

Eliza Shearer (ES): Thanks, Miss Darcy, for joining us today. You look well. Are you enjoying life at Pemberley?

Georgiana Darcy (GD) (nodding): I am very happy here, indeed. I have always loved this house, and I enjoy my brother and sister’s company very much.

ES: I believe Mr and Mrs Darcy’s family is expanding.

GD: It is. My nephew, Will, is almost two. And Mrs Darcy is with child again, although…

ES: You look concerned. Is everything fine?

GD (digging her nails in the palms of her hands): I’m sure it is just a temporary indisposition. My brother trusts Dr Robertson and his… methods.

ES: I am sorry to hear, and I trust she will recover soon.

GD: That’s what Mrs Bingley said. She just arrived today, alongside Mr and Mrs Bennet and… Mrs Wickham.

To read the rest of the interview and get a glimpse of chapter three of Miss Darcy’s Beaux visit For Love of Austen. And good luck if you enter the giveaway!


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